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Desmond Law represent husbands, wives, same-gender partners, grandmothers and grandfathers in family law proceedings that threaten their assets, income, and most importantly, their reputations and relationships with their children. We’ll listen without judging, and determine with you the best pathway to healing and recovery from one of life’s most difficult experiences.

The Hard Side of Family Law

Douglas Desmond has particular experience in assisting individuals and families that have struggled with addictions, domestic violence, poverty and allegations of child abuse or neglect. For many years, Douglas Desmond has successfully advocated child protection matters on behalf of parents and grandparents.

Responding to Protect Your Family When Crisis Approaches

We understand that a little intervention early on may stop a huge problem down the road. We can help your family deal with:

  • Allegations or circumstances that cause the CAS (Children’s Aid Society) to knock on your door
  • Difficulties with an ex-spouse and children

If any of these situations are troubling you, contact us. We’ll listen and provide practical assistance and legal counsel. We may be able to help you avoid costly legal expense, or countless hours struggling through other legal options that may limit your choice of attorney. Don’t wait. Contact Desmond Law now.

When the Crisis Has Struck

Douglas Desmond has accumulated years of experience in helping individuals and families respond to Civil Claims, Family Law Claims, Divorces, Criminal Investigations and Arrests, and Children’s Aid Society Applications.

Whether the crisis has “taken you by surprise,” or you just didn’t get the chance to contact us ahead of time, the team at Desmond Law takes a sensitive non-judgemental, no-nonsense approach to your problem.

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